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Protocol Update

PSA Customers

PSA is in the process of evaluating the Governor’s announcement and awaiting word from Plano, Murphy, McKinney, and the school districts to determine any changes to our protocols.  We will be sending out a message to all PSA customers after our analysis.  That should be before April 1.

Until then, our current protocols remain in effect. 

PSA is focused on protecting the kids, parents, officials and our employees and we will need to monitor the impact of the changes.  As an organization, with our current safety requirements in place, PSA has done our best to keep everyone safe.  We will be seeking guidance and recommendations from public health experts before implementing or changing the health and safety protocols.  We will keep everyone advised.


Stay safe and healthy,

PSA Staff


PSA is Working Remotely

Lobbies are Closed to the Public

Phones are Answered Monday-Friday 12pm-4pm

972.208.KIDS (5437) or Email:

For Game and Practice Schedules check your DASH account







PSA Winter Customers - Are you ready for some action!


As requested, and promised, PSA has rolled out Camera Video viewing at 3 of our PSA locations! You may now view your child during practices, skills and games from the comfort of your home or Grandma’s at PSA1, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney.


PSA 1, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney Customers


PSA has repurposed some of our security cameras and directed them onto the arena and courts being used for games, skills and practices. Please click the Open PSASkyView link below.

This will take you to the new home page of PSA SkyView which allows you to select the building your child is playing in. Please select the building by clicking its name or photo to begin and you are set for action! Please go to the More Information link if needed.

Skyview Court View


Please note that due to the bandwidth required for this process, there will no longer be public Wi-Fi access in the parking lots of PSA 1, PSA Murphy and PSA McKinney. Also, you are not able to get to PSA SkyView on the PSA public Wi-Fi – you must be on cellular data if you are in or near the buildings.




PSA News


To view Protocols click below:

PSA Indoor Facilities Winter 2020/2021 Policies and Procedures


PSA Outdoor Spring 2021 Policy and Procedures



PSA was founded as a non-profit organization in December 1970 when the local individual sports leagues incorporated to form one administrative youth sports organization.  PSA provides quality year-round recreational and competitive sports leagues to over 100,000 youth who live the North Texas area.  PSA offers: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Cheer, Dance Team, Baseball, Fastpitch Softball, Martial Arts, Track, Summer Camps, Winter Break Camps, Spring Break Camps, Rugby, Wrestling, and Golf.  Additionally, PSA offers club or select sports with Texas Thunder Soccer and STORM Volleyball Club along with Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer Skills.
With the growth of Plano, Collin County and the surrounding areas and the demands of sports facilities needed to play indoor sports, PSA embarked on new horizons with the building of PSA 1, PSA 2, PSA Murphy, and the newest, PSA McKinney.  PSA leads all other youth organizations with centers housing 38+ basketball and volleyball courts and four indoor turf arenas.  PSA also offers two adult indoor sports; soccer and basketball.
PSA feels there is no greater investment in the community’s youth than the development of character, fellowship and sportsmanship through sports.  PSA is dedicated to seeing every young person who wants to play sports has that opportunity regardless of race, color or creed. 
PSA strives to offer quality sports from rec to select.

Now Registering for Winter Sports and Activities:


Basketball Skills


Indoor Soccer

Winter Break Camp

Court Assignments:


Courts listed as Blue, Red, or Green (1-5) are located at PSA1

6500 Preston Meadow Dr. Plano, TX 75024


Courts listed as Silver (1-8) are located at PSA2

601 Seabrook Dr. Plano, TX 75023


Courts listed as Murphy (1-10) are located at PSA Murphy

330 North Murphy Road, Murphy, TX 75094


Courts listed as McKinney (1-10) are located at PSA McKinney

7205 Eldorado Pkwy., McKinney, TX 75070


 Dicks Sports Goods Store




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