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Plano Sports Authority

Plano Sports Authority was founded as a non-profit agency in December 1970 when the individual sports leagues incorporated to form one administrative youth sports organization.  It provides quality year-round recreational sports leagues to all boys and girls who live within the Plano Independent School District and surrounding areas.  The volunteer base of Sports Directors and coaches offers several different sports to over 60,000 kids annually.  Those sports include:Martial Arts, Football, Baseball, Fastpitch Softball, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Track, Drill Team, Summer Camps, Soccer, and Rugby. 


PSA feels there is no greater investment to the community’s youth than the development of character, fellowship and sportsmanship through sports.  PSA is dedicated to seeing that every young person who wants to play sports has that opportunity regardless of race, color or creed or his or her ability to pay. 


With the growth of the City of Plano and the demands of sports facilities needed to play indoor sports, PSA embarked on new horizons with the building of the PSA StarCenter and PSA2.  PSA will lead all other youth organizations with a center housing 23 basketball and volleyball courts and two indoor turf arenas.  Instructional baseball, softball and football areas will be available for the best educational efforts provided for skill training.  PSA offers two adult indoor sports; soccer and basketball.


PSA strives to offer quality sports from rec to select.


PSA News

Court Assignments:


Courts listed as Blue, Red, or Green (1-5) are located at PSA1

6500 Preston Meadow Dr. Plano, TX 75024


Courts listed as Silver (1-8) are located at PSA2

601 Seabrook Dr. Plano, TX 75023


Courts listed as Murphy (1-10) are located at PSA Murphy

330 North Murphy Road, Murphy TX 75094



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